Bloc & Barrel

Crafted with grapes sourced from exceptional vineyard blocks up and down the Central Coast of California.

Brand Story

Exceptionally grown and crafted, Bloc & Barrel wines pay homage to a minimalist winemaking approach where the vintner guides the natural process, and the terroir speaks for itself. Our winemakers are meticulous, selecting grapes carefully grown from premium vineyard blocks, ensuring elegance in every sip.

Comprised of the cool-climate area along the Pacific Coast between San Francisco and Santa Barbara, the Central Coast is well known for its wide range of climate and terroir. Calcareous, alluvial, mountainous and sandy soils, to name a few, along with maritime influences and warm-inland weather give vast diversity for sourcing exceptional grapes from countless varieties.

Central Coast wines tend to be well-structured and medium-bodied. To intensify a rich, flavorful experience, our winemakers include American Oak during the aging process. American Oak imparts notes of vanilla, coconut, caramel and spice to increase mouthfeel and elegantly complement each wine’s varietal characteristics.

Varietals and Appellations: