The Show

For your pleasure, The Three Thieves have created two rich, delicious wines with plenty of style and personality. We invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy The Show.

Brand Story

The Three Thieves have partnered with a true American icon, Nashville’s Hatch Show Print. Since their 2003 launch, the Thieves have set the standard for emerging wine brands with daring packaging and smart value. The Show adds yet another breath of fresh air to the sometimes-stuffy world of wine. Hatch shares that creative streak. Begun in the cradle of country music in 1879, the company’s colorful designs have been a staple of the American entertainment landscape for more than 125 years. Hatch posters have heralded the appearances of Johnny Cash, Louis Armstrong, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and countless other luminaries. If you wanted to fill seats, Hatch got the job done.

For The Show Cabernet Sauvignon, we source grapes from California’s Central and North Coast AVAs, blending the best of the bunch to create our signature wine. Anchored by robust Cabernet, The Show also co-stars Merlot for a touch of softness and Cab Franc for earthiness and acidity, while Petite Sirah lends a rich ruby color and violet scent to the blend. In 2009, The Thieves were hungry to search beyond California for their next varietal, and so headed down to another land of cowboys to Mendoza, Argentina and found the perfect complement to their California Cabernet Sauvignon. The Show Malbec is delicious and yet more distinct than other Argentinian Malbecs on the market, and the Thieves think this package will be even more appealing to the Malbec consumer. Enjoy The Show!

Come back December 15, 2017 for a new update on The Show.”


  • Malbec
  • Cabernet Sauvignon